Mauna Kea Infrared, LLC

Mauna Kea Infrared,LLC started in 1985by the owner Doug Toomey to build custom hardware for specialized astronomy projects on large telescopes. Since that time it has developed numerous facility class instruments for telescopes around the world. These instruments are built for serious users to very high standards of performance, reliability, documentation, and ease of use. Our instruments are typically cryogenically cooled with liquid cryogens or closed cycle coolers.

We are located in Hilo, Hawaii and have a 3,500 square foot building equipped with instrument design, assembly and testing areas. This includes a 25 foot high ceiling cleanroom for instrument assembly with a 5 ton overhead crane.

We have worked on Infrared instruments that cover the 1 to 20 micron range with an emphasis on 1-5 microns. We have also worked on numerous visible wavelength instrumnets. Our most ambitious project to date was a dual channel coronagraphic camera with an adaptive optics front end for the Gemini 8 meter telescope in Chile. This $4million camera that is about the size of a SUV is presently being used to search for planets around other stars.

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